The Stuff of Life

Stuff. Oh my, how I am coming to dislike “stuff.” We all have it. Some of us more so than others. I’m talking about the things that clutter our homes and litter our floors. It’s the things that fill up our cupboards, closets, garages, attics. As we are getting ready to move again, I am overwhelmed by all the stuff we have. I guess it isn’t really that much, after all we only live in a one-bedroom apartment. But as the boxes are beginning to fill our living room I can’t believe all the things we’ve accumulated in 4 short years of marriage. That’s life, though, isn’t it? As we live our lives we can’t help but bring more baggage on the journey.

As we’ve been packing like mad, and repacking as Gabriel likes to take things out of the boxes, we’ve had the opportunity to clear out our clutter. We are able to choose the things that are really important to us. Do we really need the serving platter shaped like Santa’s head, 4 half-burned candle jars, and 9 scarves of various lengths and colors? (Okay, I really like the scarves but maybe not the other stuff.) It is a freeing experience to get rid of stuff. I dropped 5 bags of clothes, toys, kitchen gadgets, and general “stuff” off at a donation center today. I felt 10 pounds lighter leaving the place! I think we are really learning not to be tied down by things; we have moved so many times that we have cleaned out our lives over half a dozen times in this way! Tim and I have made a pact that even when we eventually get a house and settle down, every few years we will go through our belongings and get rid of the things that we don’t really need. It is my hope that we will indeed follow through on this and do more than just clean out our stuff. I hope we will take the time to take stock of our lives and refocus on the things that really need our attention.

By the way, has anyone seen Gabriel? I think I boxed him up…


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